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Millie Donnelly, 21, Southport, UK. Forever bored.

❝Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.❞ - Christopher Hitchens

So I just got called a hypocrite. I was seeing one person since I got out of that relationship. That one person I was seeing for about 2 weeks literally. That ended due to me knowing I needed to focus on myself and making myself happy. I didn’t cling to him in any way. I thought I was ready to get emotionally attached to someone when I wasn’t. I don’t believe I’m ready to do that until I am 100% happy with the person I am. That takes time, determination and a hell of a lot of effort. I am more than happy being on my own and doing things to make MYSELF happy. I do not need to spend my time trying to make someone else happy when I am not even happy with myself. How can you expect someone else to fall in love with you and be happy with you when you aren’t happy? So in no way am I a hypocrite at this moment in time. If I am anything I’m slightly selfish and heartless right now but hey right now I’m totally fine with that.

Too many girls are constantly in search of a boyfriend and jumping from relationship to relationship. Do you not have the ability to make yourself happy? Are you not capable of doing things for yourself? Do you really require a man to make yourself feel ‘complete’ and do you dislike yourself that much that your own company isn’t enough?

I got asked why I’ve stopped going out and drinking as much and then got called ‘boring’ for this. Well the truth is I wouldn’t be going to the other side of the world for 4 weeks if I didn’t. I wouldn’t have a job I enjoy if I didn’t. I lost enough due to going out every week and spent a fortune and at the end of the day the people I want to be around don’t go out every weekend. They’re sat in coffee shops or at events or planning something exciting. Not wasting their evenings drinking themselves stupid and regretting their lives. I spent too long drinking too much and all I realised was I’m plodding along in life with no sense of direction and miserable. So sorry for growing up, changing and becoming ‘boring’ I just want more out of life and spending my weekends drunk with negative people isn’t going to get me anywhere.

'There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in' - Leonard Cohen

All I want is somebody to bring me doughnuts and lay in bed with me, not come near or talk to me, just be there and occasionally let me cuddle them when I feel needy then leave when I want to sleep, then bring me more doughnuts.

Basically I just want the doughnuts…